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Semirath Fagbemi Eve Clark Tina C. Hines

Healthcare Abroad: A Reason to Move, Not a Reason to Stay

A Talk by Semirath Fagbemi , Eve Clark and Tina C. Hines

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07 October 2023, 04:30 PM

04:30 PM - 06:00 PM

About The Speakers

Semirath Fagbemi

Semirath Fagbemi

Black Women Build Wealth / The Wealthy Black Women Summit

Semirath has a passion for improving Black women's wealth in all its forms. She is a mom, a Black woman living unapologetically, a money coach (YT: @blackwomenbuildwealth) and the Founder of The Wealthy Black Women Summit (happening on November 18, 2023).

Eve Clark

Eve Clark

Creator, Disabled Diva Travels

Eve Clark is an award winning retired general contractor that now travels the world with her husband. and partner in worldwide shenanigans. She is passionate about showing others with disabilities that it is possible to see the world despite being differently abled.

Tina C. Hines

Tina C. Hines

Life Transformation Specialist

Tina, after a mild heart attack in Morocco, adeptly accessed surgical care for a stent placement. Her experience underscores the need for thorough healthcare preparation while living abroad, offering crucial insights for others in similar situations.